1-800-Pharmacy is a startup venture helmed by the folks behind 1-800-Contacts. 1-800-Pharmacy partnered with imart in 2007 to leverage the iDA platform (v7.0) to facilitate and support all technology requirements of the launch of this venture.

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My Role

Architecture, Programming, Platform Roadmap, Development Team Oversight, Project Management, Prioritization, System Monitoring, Performance Tuning, and Maintenance.

Our Role

At iMart, I was the Technical Director in charge of the company's e-commerce platform product, iDA. My team was responsible for implementation of the platform on behalf of 1-800-Pharmacy, as well as customizing it, themeing it, launch, and post-launch monitoring, maintenance, and enhancement.


ASP.NET 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2005, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX