Vera Bradley


Vera Bradley partnered with imart in early 2005 to leverage the iDA Platform (v5.0) to launch their first e-commerce venture under my supervision as imart's Technical Director. During peak times, the website experienced a half million page views, 90,000 unique visitors, and order volumes of more than 4,000 orders each day, with application uptime measured at 99.9% for the year. The website was rated by the Internet Retailers Association as one of the top 100 best e-commerce websites of 2007, and supported annual sales of over $40 million.

My Role

Architecture, Programming, Platform Roadmap, Development Team Oversight, Project Management, Prioritization, System Monitoring, Performance Tuning, and Maintenance.

Our Role

At iMart, I was the Technical Director in charge of the company's e-commerce platform product, iDA. My team was responsible for implementation of the platform on behalf of Vera Bradley, as well as customizing it, themeing it, launch, and post-launch monitoring, maintenance, and enhancement.


ASP.NET 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2005, AJAX